Floor heating

Underfloor heating is considered to be the most beneficial heating system for humans. There is a lot of benefits of that solution. What makes that every year more and more people are opting for this solution?

  • Equal heating - the greatest advantage of underfloor heating is the equal temperature distribution in the room, because the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room, not only in the place where the heater is installed
  • Savings - The maximum temperature of thefloor heating is lower than for other heating systems, which means less gas consumption
  • No visible radiators radiators do not occupy space on the walls, which allows better interior design. This is especially important for people who care about the aesthetics of the rooms
  • Beneficial effect on health - due to the smaller temperature differences in the room, there is no strong air circulation that causes dust and dust mites to rise. That is why underfloor heating has a beneficial effect on the comfort of people with allergies or asthma.

Underfloor heating systems

In our company, we use certified and innovative solutions provided by companies with a great reputation - KAN and KERMI.

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